I'm asking you directly, why do women have to shave 95% of their bodies? because unlike a man who has to do it to keep their job, I see no reason for a woman to HAVE to shave in order to keep their jobs, I know many women who I work with who may never shave but wear full slacks and dress shirts.

because there is a media expectation for it to be done,  i would think since you own a tumblr, you see how much pressure is put on them to look a certain way, and even if they don’t feel pressured, most girls are raised that way, not to mention most of them would have a pretty rough time finding someone to date if they didn’t shave because of that messed up expectation thats engrained in our society.  I am a hairstylist whose salon does waxing,  and women are not considered professional or powerful or considered for promotions or taken seriously if they don’t wax their eye brows, and their top lip, not to mention without a full face of perfect makeup they are scoffed at in a professional job setting.    So, while it may not be a required task to shave their legs and armpits because it CAN be hidden,  the amount of work it takes for them to be looking professional regardless of clothing is 10x more time consuming and annoying than anything I would have to do to show up looking professional.  Also, as much as you would even want to fight conformity for the expectations of women in regards to waxing, make-up and dress, the reality of the situation is if you want to move up in your career you have to conform to all those expectations that require an hour + of prep time whereas I could gel my hair back, shave in 5 minutes and throw on a dress shirt and dress pants and be out the door in 20 mins tops.  If a woman were to tell me she preferred it if i shaved chest hair from showing out of the top of my shirt, i would not complain about irritation from shaving to a woman.  They know exactly what that’s like, they deal with it, and they do it anyway, and if adding a tiny little area around my t-shirt to shave became a media expectation i would have NO right to complain about it because the expectation for women is still exceeding by much more.









I can’t stand it when men let their chest hair stick out of their shirt, like…fine if you don’t want to shave your beastly body whatever, but can you at least remove the hair from your neckline so it doesnt look like you’re harboring…

Problem: cutting chest hair in my case has always caused irritating itch as the stubble has a tendency to rub against the shirt I’m wearing. My job has me wearing dress shirts, that are required to be tucked in for 8 hours a day, I rather like my job.

Solution: I’ll keep my chest hair and cut girls like you.

welcome to what girls deal with every day, let me cry for you you poor itchy man, we shave everything and fuckin deal with it, boohoo poor you.  please.

Excuse you? Outside of when you choose to wear things that show your legs, a woman doesn’t need to really shave.a man like me needs to shave his face every two days at very most to keep most corporate jobs in the modern work force. so Boo hoo right back chick

excuse me?  Not only do we get “painful irritation” that we dont fucking WHINE about, but we get it on our LEGS, THIGHS, PUBIC AREA, ARMPITS, along with some of us our BUTT, ARMS, and LIP,  while you’re whining about your fucking face and a small area at your t-shirt/dress shirt line.  You want to talk corporate job dress code?  do you mean….the ones that require women to wear skirt suits with panty hose right?  you know….the garment that requires your legs to be fucking shaved and then have nylon rubbing on it all day, along with the seat from your chair on the backs on your thighs all day you misogynistic piece of shit. sit the fuck down

I would NEVER want to have to be expected to shave as much of my body as women are expected to, this isn’t even comparable, I would never argue that the 5 minutes it takes to shave my face is worse than shaving 95% of my body







Yeah, I, uh.

why every hair cut for the last 5 years has been in someones bathroom

When I started transition I had the same problem in reverse. “But you’ll look like a girl if you get that cut!” THAT’S THE IDEA EINSTEIN

Such my life. I’ve started saying “and don’t girl it up”

So, I feel I should do one of those tumblr information posts because I have personally had fun with this particular piece of bullshit. My advice is pretty London focused, because it comes in the form of hairdresser reccs, but maybe people could extend it?

There are two hairdressers that are specifically trans* friendly(that I know of) in london.

I personally have tried and highly recommend barbarette, who is a lovley person in south london who has a small shop in which you’ll be the only person.

They(I never asked pronouns) knows what they’re doing, doesn’t give a shit about current presentation(I was in cargo pants and a male-cut geeky t-shirt, with three days beard asking for a femmeish haircut) and will offer to work without a mirror if staring at yourself is problematic.

They also offered advice(I turned up with no pics/ideas) including stuff like what to go for if I wanted to be able to hide that I’d had a femmish cut done for parentals.

They take bookings online, and are a short walk from both trains and busses.


There is also openBarbers, a “hairdressing space” who are explicitly trans friendly:

We seek to promote the diversity of identities in society and celebrate people’s appearance in the way they wish to be seen.

And have had good reviews.

They pop up and take over a salon periodically, not like barbette above, who’s there constantly. unfortunately they don’t seem to have done an event in a while.

They’re also pay-what-you-want.

I can’t speak for their saftey, or anything else, and it seems you won’t be in private, but they do have a good reputation among the trans* people I know in london, and the people who run it seem to be trans*.


Trans* masculine friends of mine have also had good success getting trims at “mens only” barbers, though obviously it’s scary and possibly dangerous.

I’m not even trans and they do this to me

I am a hairstylist in Orlando Florida and if anyone wants a fuckin awesome ass haircut however the fuck you want it without any stupid mother fuckin fashion inhibiting gender conforming questions, let me cut your fuckin hair, fuckin inbox me and ill cut the fuck out of your shit and make everyone wanna fuck you, thx.


I used to have 6 cats. Now I have 4.

Feeding 6 cats a strict diet was really hard, and most often resulted in chaos and injuries, so I switched to open feeding. Predictably, they gained weight. Like, a lot of weight.

So, I decided that I should switch from the cheap walmart stuff…

I had been feeding my dogs nutro for the past 7 years and a month ago my dog experienced nearly everything listed here….she broke out in a blotchy rash all over her body, her paws and lips swelled, the rash was even in her ears, she had diarrhea and vomiting and was peeing inside the house and on me uncontrollably.  She was very needy and whiny and was very uncomfortable.  I gave her pepto bismol and benadryl and took the food away and replaced it with fresh vegetables and within 1 day her symptoms were improving, 3 days on fresh veggies and switching over to a new food specifically for allergies she is now completely better,  i dont know what theyve done to their food lately but i too have experienced the scary horrors related to this food

He’s actually my fiance so…..

He’s actually my fiance so…..






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today at breakfast break i was just casually eating a packet of finding nemo fruit snacks and everything is normal im talking to shiny eating candy sea creatures buT THEN THEN UNEXPECTEDLY I PULL OUT A FRICKING MIKE WAZOWSKI FROM THIS PACKAGE OF AQUATIC ANIMALS HE IS MONSTER WHY WAS HE HERE THIS IS NOT MONSTERS INC MIKE THIS IS THE OCEAN

Wrong door